Keeping Busy on a Rainy Summer Day

July 18, 2016

Summer is here! And that means playtime at the park, backyard parties, and BBQ on the back deck. It’s fun living the summer dream until you come across a rainy day… Suddenly all outdoor fun is put on hold and you are left with unentertained kids confined indoors. Here are a few fun ideas to keep busy on rainy summer days!

Finger Painting

Let your kids explore their creative side with some fun finger painting. All you need to do is cover up the kitchen table or another area of the home where they can set up and get a little messy. Use newspaper or plastic covering to place down to protect the surface. Then gather all of the paint, trays, and paper towels. Encourage the kids to paint whatever their heart desires. It’s a fun and relaxing way for kids to explore their imagination and emotions as well.

Movie Day and Popcorn

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than curling up to a good movie or two on a rainy day. Let the kids choose what they’d like to watch, and then fire up some popcorn and get cozy together. These are the moments to cherish because once they get older, they’ll be too cool to cuddle with you during movie time. 

Make Slime

Slime has been one item that kids can’t get enough of. They can squeeze and pull it apart, and the weird, unique texture can entertain them for hours. You can whip up a batch together by combining standard white glue with saline solution (typically used for contact lenses), baking soda, and some food colouring to create different colours. There are tons of recipes online that give you step-by-step instructions. Just follow along and let them have fun with it!

Fashion Show

When you need another easy go-to activity that will distract the kids for a while, let them raid the dress-up trunk of costumes or your closet. They can put on a fashion show or encourage them to put on a play and act out different characters so they can really use their imaginations. Make sure to get the camera ready!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a big hit, no matter where you host them. And during those stormy days, you’ll have plenty of good hiding spots in your home to place some treasures. Make a list of clues and then set the kids off on an adventure around the house to find the buried treats.

Listen to a Story Podcast

During those sleepier afternoons, when you’re looking for something to help wind down with the kids, throw on a story podcast. This is a great alternative to putting the TV on. Some popular kids-based ones include Wow in the World, Storynory, Storytime, Brains ON!, and Ear Snacks. There are lots to choose from, so explore a few to see which ones they like best.

Tie-Dye Party

Got some old t-shirts lying around? Put them to use by having a tie-dye party. Kids love when they get to unravel their t-shirts to see the incredible swirls of colours left behind. There are lots of different patterns to choose from too. Explore a few simple tutorials online to learn what you’ll need to set up your tie-dye station and supplies.

Craft a Bird Feeder

If your kids enjoy watching the birds, craft up a bird feeder so they can help the birds get the nourishment they need to survive, especially during the winter months. You can use a variety of different techniques and materials. For example, use milk cartons and popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls, or you can even make a simple bird feeder cake. The kids will be able to watch the birds swoop in each time to munch on the feeder they made, which is always enjoyable and rewarding.

Write a Letter to Family or Friends

Putting a pencil to paper and writing a letter to family members or friends is a meaningful way to spend an afternoon. It’s a heartfelt gesture that will mean so much to both the recipient and your kids.

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