Keeping Busy on a Rainy Summer Day

July 18, 2016

Summer is here! And that means playtime at the park, backyard parties, and BBQ on the back deck. It’s fun living the summer dream until you come across a rainy day… suddenly all outdoor fun is put on hold and you are left with unentertained kids confined indoors. Here are a few fun ideas to keep busy on rainy summer days!

Hide & Seek

Play some good old fashioned hide and seek. If you have a house large enough to hold a few of the neighbourhood kids invite some friends over and increase the excitement. You might be surprised at how creative your kids get.

Kitchen Fun

Cook a big meal together. Kids can be quite the culinary experts when they aren’t out conquering the kid kingdom. A rainy day is the perfect time to allow your kids to explore in the kitchen.

Photobook Memories

Go through old photos. As long as you are showing them pictures of themselves or of their siblings, kids might be interested in this task. Spending some quality time feeling nostalgic about the baby age is a great way to spend a rainy day with the family. You can also show them old photos of grandparents and great-grandparents and give a family history lesson.

Board Games

Bring out the board games! The best and most reliable source of entertainment, years before television and video games took their place in the family’s home. The great thing about board games is they can accommodate almost any number of players and they bring out a sense of healthy fun competition.

Dress Up

Bring out some old Halloween costumes and play dress up. Depending on the age of your kids their imaginations are their most powerful source of entertainment. Indulge your kids and put a costume on yourself and play along!


Catch up on cleaning. You obviously can’t phrase it that way to your kids or else they will find themselves running fast and far. Present cleaning out their bedroom closet as a challenge of who can find the most interesting thing in their closet. Who knows, maybe they will find something to keep them entertained for hours.


Encourage reading books. Kids can get lost in books the same way adults can, they just have so many distractions it’s hard to sit down and spend some time with a good book. Suggest to your kid that they find a space near the window so they can relax and listen to the rain while reading. It might not go over well with everyone but for some it will be a fun adventure.

Rainy days can put a damper on summer play. But by turning a rainy day into an indoor adventure the time spent inside won’t seem that bad.

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