5 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Minds Engaged Over the Summer

July 4, 2016

The summer is a chance for your kids to be free from assignments, homework, and the rush-rush schedule of the school day. But just because they aren’t in school doesn’t mean you can let all structure go out the window. Kids can be stimulated and challenged even if they are not confined to a class room, it just requires a little more input from the parents. Here are five tips on how to keep your child’s mind engaged over the summer.

Educational Day

Look into your local ecological parks. Oftentimes there are programs offered for kids to come and learn about the different ecosystems and plant life found in the parks. Often a lifelong love of science is forged in these fun summer visits to zoos, aquariums, and museums.

Provide Reading Incentives

By providing kids with a goal to read at least one book a month in the summer it gives them a challenge. Kids love to be challenged, but don’t necessarily love to be told to sit inside and read a book on a hot summer day. By making it a challenge, and including a small reward for completion, kids will feel competitive instead of pressured.

Less TV and Phone Time

The amount of time we all spend glued to our phone or television is astounding. It’s easy for kids to become device robots if given complete freedom to do so. Encourage your kids to venture outside and play with their friends. By keeping their minds active and busy it will allow them to discover new things and keep their brains from turning into digital mush.

Team Sports

Team sports are a wonderful way to learn different life skills. Working with a team to achieve a common goal is a great skill for any child to learn since teamwork is a fundamental part of life. It not only promotes good health with exercise but it teaches discipline and dedication.


There are plenty of summer camps either local or farther away that are available for children over the summertime. There is a type of camp for almost all interests and a little bit of searching will surely uncover a type of camp suitable for any child. Camp provides structure, schedules, teamwork and is an opportunity for children to grow as individuals. Life-long friendships can be forged over a campfire and some marshmallows!

There is no one easy quick way to ensure your child stays engaged over the summer. As parents it is important to put time and effort into making sure your kids have a safe, fun and educational summer!

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