How to Monitor and Control Your Toddler’s Screen Time

February 15, 2019

With technology becoming such an integral part of our lives these days – and without any signs of it slowing down – getting kids to put down their screens and other electronic devices is becoming increasingly difficult to do. After all, giving them more screen time is often much easier than enduring a sudden temper tantrum when you’re trying to pry it from their hands. But even though tablets and smartphones are ideal for keeping kids quiet and distracted when needed, the excessive amount of time spent glued to their devices has been shown to impose some harmful, long-term effects including poor sleep quality, permanent eye damage, difficulty focusing and much more. To help them cut back, here’s how to monitor and control your toddler’s screen time.

Set A Good Example

If you’re trying to loosen your toddler’s dependence on their screen time, it should first start with setting a good example from the parents. Remember, children absorb so much of what’s going on around them. They monitor our actions and then mimic them. So instead of binge-watching your favourite series and teaching them that bad habit, set a better example by modelling a healthier balance when it comes to using electronics and being in front of a screen.

Schedule Unplug Times

To get the whole family involved, schedule a time for everyone to unplug from their electronics. For instance, this could be around dinner time or sometime before bed. As an alternative to screen time, encourage family bonding by playing board games, baking something together, playing outside, or even heading out for some ice cream. Whatever it is, come up with some other simple ways to spend time together without the screens.

Spend More Time Outdoors

With so much to see, smell, touch and experience, toddlers love being outdoors. Spending more time outside in nature has an abundance of benefits for the health and overall wellbeing of kids. They can interact with the environment, learn and play, all while being active and getting some fresh air. Teach them how to love the outdoors at an early age so they can learn to make time to get out and enjoy it more often as they grow.

Use A Screen Time Tracking App

Life can get busy as a parent, especially when you’re running around after your toddler, so it’s not always easy to keep track of their screen time. Thankfully, there are many apps to help you control and monitor how your little one is watching the screen. Qustodio, ScreenLimit, and Screen Time Limit KidCrono are a few examples to try. Doing a little research will help you find the right one that’s best suited for your needs.

Remember these tips when you’re wondering how to monitor and control your toddler’s screen time. And when you’re ready to sign your child up for daycare, know that Tiny Hoppers offers a fun, safe and engaging environment with enriching programs that will keep your little one away from any distracting screens. Contact us to learn more!

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