Are Kids Who Grow Up Around Pets Better Off?

February 22, 2019

Are you wondering if a pet is a good addition to your young, growing family? Living and growing up with a pet can offer many benefits, like unconditional love and companionship while building amazing memories that the whole family can look back on. They can also aid in the emotional development of children and encourage more physical activity since they need to be walked and played with regularly. So, are kids who grow up around pets better off? Here are some worthy benefits that point to yes.

It Can Help Reduce Anxiety

Just because kids aren’t involved in the adult world yet, doesn’t mean they don’t experience stress and anxiety too. Whether it’s at daycare, school, through sports, or with friends, anxiety can be experienced even during childhood. This anxiety can impact almost all areas of their lives, from lack of sleep to poor grades. Having a pet in the house can be an excellent way for kids to get their minds off their troubles. They can express and talk about their feelings, and find comfort and companionship through cuddles with their cat or dog when needed.

Pets Can Help Improve Confidence

Children often see their dogs more like human companions than they do pets. That’s why you’ll often see kids having full blown conversations with their animals, and putting their feelings right out on display knowing their furry BFF won’t judge them. Having the ability to express themselves without judgement can also help to curb their worries and boost their self-esteem.

Pets Encourage Healthier Habits

Fostering healthy habits at a young age is important for setting children on the right path for a healthy life as they grow. Children with pets have more opportunity for physical activity since caring for a dog requires going out for multiple walks each day and, of course, running around with them at the park. Pets can make it much easier to get your kids up off the couch and outside in the fresh air while encouraging healthier long-term habits too.

Pets Can Teach Them About Responsibility

With the example and guidance set by parents, kids can learn how to take on some responsibility at a younger age, which is very useful for developing their confidence and leadership skills. Responsibilities like feeding or walking the pet help them learn the importance of being accountable and taking care of another.

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