Go Ahead, Go Outside!

May 22, 2017

Winter is in the rearview and spring is in full force. After an exceptionally cold and seemingly endless winter season, kids are ready for some outdoor activities. And as parents, we are ready to set them free from the confines of the house and to enjoy some outdoor fun along with your kids! Different ages present different outdoor options for play, here are some examples of how to make the most of outdoor play for different age groups.

Since every child matures at a different age, it’s important not to lump your children into a category simply based on age alone. Judge your own comfort levels based on your child’s development and personality.

Older kids – age depending on personal circumstances

For some older kids in the 10-13 age range, it’s a good time to start giving some freedom with outdoor play. Give them a watch and give them parameters to stay within, but encourage them to go to the park, to ride their bikes, and to play at their friends’ houses. This is a crucial age where video games and television can easily take over a child’s recreational time, so encouraging your older kids to go outside and play is really important at this age.

Younger kids – ages 5-10

Your younger children likely have so much energy and would practically live at the park if it was up to them. Try to take them to the local park as often as you can, but allow them to play with other kids there. These ages are great because they begin to socialize with other children while you get to enjoy some outdoor time too. It’s also a great time of year to get out on your bicycles. Teach your younger children how to ride to develop the love for the sport and as your kids get older enjoy a family bike ride.

Toddlers and babies – ages 0-5

This age is fun because you get to experience the outdoor fun right along with your young babies and toddlers. Pre-walking age, babies benefit from simply being outdoors with the proper sun protection. The older they get you will notice that they want to run, play, and climb seemingly for hours! Take your children to the park and play directly with them on the smaller play structures. The swings are also a huge hit at this age. Really enjoy the time playing with your kids because they grow up so fast and soon won’t necessarily want mommy and daddy to hold their hands in the park!

Outdoor time is important for everyone no matter what the age, including parents. Take advantage of the beautiful spring and oncoming summer weather and get outside as frequently as possible. We all spend enough time indoors pining for good weather, so now that it’s here, encourage the entire family to go outside and enjoy it.

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