What is a Franchise?

May 8, 2017

When the term “franchise” is used it may not be clear what is implied exactly. Do you own the business? Or do you simply manage a location and there is a higher power? How much control do you really have? Here are some common questions and answers surrounding the term “franchise.”

What exactly is a franchise?

A franchise is someone granting the use of marks, policies, and goods used under the company name to be used by someone who purchases a franchise. It’s basically like starting your own business but not having to create any of the services, processes, or branding from scratch. You will be the owner of that specific location, however you do not own the name. Take Tiny Hoppers for example. If you purchase a Tiny Hoppers franchise, you buy the right to carry on business under the Tiny Hoppers name, which carries a high credibility in the public eye due to its long-standing positive presence in Ontario. When you buy a franchise, you have to agree to abide by the policies and procedures implemented by the franchise in order to uphold the name of the company.

What are the benefits of owning a franchise?

There are many benefits to owning a franchise. If the franchise has an established name, then marketing will be a much easier task as it is already a familiar name in the public’s eye. People already know and trust the brand and all you have to do is provide continuous and consistent representation of the brand in order to thrive.

Further benefits of owning a franchise include the support you can receive from the franchisors. The franchisors want to see all of their franchisees do well and continue to grow the brand name in a positive light. With questions about policies and procedures, or in the case of Tiny Hoppers curriculum or designated activities, the franchisors are a fantastic resource as they want to see the integrity of their brand upheld to the highest standards and will do whatever it takes to achieve that.

Should you consider owning a Tiny Hoppers franchise?

The benefits of opening a franchise are plentiful. In the daycare and childcare business, parents are constantly looking for reputable locations to send their children. If you notice an area that is underrepresented for quality child care services you may want to consider opening a Tiny Hoppers location and running your very own franchise. It’s a name that parents trust, and that alone is invaluable to parents who are seeking childcare. The opportunity could prove to be very lucrative for you should you choose to open a Tiny Hoppers franchise near you!

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