5 Family Fun Winter Activities

December 12, 2014

Don’t let the winter keep you stuck indoors, instead embrace the cold and snow with these five fun winter activities:

Build a Snowman

Whether you build a traditional snowman, Olaf, or a more unique snow animal the whole family can get involved in building snow figures. You can get really creative and use old clothes and household items to create the perfect snow man or woman. If there is lots of snow you can even each create your own character for a full family of snow people. There is no limit to how creative you get. You can also use your summer beach toys to create snow castles and other figures. Everyone will get a little fresh air and exercise while expressing their artistic side.

Ice Skating

It is never too early to get the kids out on the ice. Whether you visit the Rideau Canal, your local rink or even flood your own backyard, ice skating is a Canadian tradition everyone can enjoy. For little ones consider bringing along a child sized plastic lawn chair, construction cone or purchase an ice walker to get them started. As well always have little ones wear a helmet for safer falls.

Viewing the Lights

During the Christmas season and even following the holidays most cities have beautiful light displays. You can take a walk around the neighbourhood or go downtown to see the large light displays. In fact you can even work together to create your own perfect light display to share with the nieghbours.

Snow Shoeing

Snow shoes are designed to keep you from sinking into the deep snow when out in this winter wonderland of ours. Snow shoeing is lots of fun and the perfect activity after a major snow fall. You can snow shoe at area parks or along nature trails to enjoy the stunning world when covered in a fresh layer of snow.

Build a Fort

Snow forts are so much fun and can involve the whole family or the neighbourhood kids. Forts should never include a “roof” as there is danger of collapse. Instead focus on making walls, doorways and other features to create the perfect snow fort. Also avoid digging into snow banks and deep areas of snow as this is another danger that can lead to collapse.

Make sure to bundle up and have plenty of hot chocolate and marshmallows ready to serve following your winter activities.

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