How to Keep Your Kids Active in Today's World

April 17, 2015

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle all starts in childhood. When you encourage your kids to enjoy the outdoors, crave physical exercise, and keep their bodies healthy, they will keep these traits with them for the rest of their lives. With all of the entertainment options in today’s world, it can be tough to keep kids active instead of zoning out in front of YouTube. Here are some tips to keep your kids on the right track:

Start Young

Habits can be hard to change once ingrained. It’s a lot easier to keep a two-year old active through their teenaged years than it is to suddenly spring on a nine-year old that things are going to change. Therefore, it’s best to start young. Give your kids a variety of options and let them see all that life has to offer, from energetic Saturday afternoons at the park to mid-summer swims and active ski sessions.

Set a Good Example

Your kids take cues from your behaviour in all regards, and this is definitely true for physical activity. Set a good example for your kids by remaining active yourself. When you go to the park, engage and run around with them, don’t just sit on a bench. Even if you don’t have time to play team sports of your own, you can always play catch or go on family bike rides on beautiful spring days.

Fun, Fun, Fun

If you try to explain that staying active benefits your health, builds strong muscles, and helps your lung capacity, your child’s eyes will probably glaze over. Make sure to focus on fun and enjoyment. If your child hates cross-country running, don’t force them to do it just because it’s great exercise. Give them lots of options and let them choose their own interests, whether it’s competitive gymnastics, recreational hockey, or just running around the backyard chasing butterflies.

Changes with Age

Unless your child has an innate calling toward a particular sport or activity, expect your child to change interest over time. Give them reasonable encouragement to stick with it, but also be willing to find replacement activities. If your child no longer has passion for karate, it’s ok if they want to move on to soccer. As long as your kid is staying healthy and active, you’re on the right track.

These tips should help your kids stay fit and develop healthy habits that last for the rest of their lives.

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