GRIT Partnership

January 25, 2024

We are excited to announce Tiny Hoppers Summerside now has partnership with GRIT (Getting Ready for Inclusion Today). This 2-year partnership will have our educators working alongside a coach through the ASaP (Access, Support, and Participation) Program to increase the participation, engagement, and inclusion of all enrolled children.

ASaP staff will work with our team to implement Pyramid Model practices, which have been adapted from The Center for Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL).

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The framework includes:

·  An effective workforce as the starting foundation.

·  Universal supports for all children through nurturing and responsive relationships and high-quality environments.

·  Targeted social emotional supports to prevent challenges for some children.

·  Intensive individualized interventions for a few children.

The ASaP team will also provide professional learning workshops to our staff. In addition, a coach will work closely with our educators to provide guidance and support as we implement the Pyramid Model practices. We are so excited to learn new tools to support children’s social-emotional development throughout this initiative.

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