Sensory with Toddlers!

March 28, 2024

Exploring sensory in the classroom is a vital part of our daily experiences. Sensory mindfulness can be utilized in so many ways. When a child finds something soft, such as a pompon, you can see them exploring it, encourage language to help them, such as fluffy, soft, and squishy, to increase their vocabulary. When eating lunch using words to describe sensory textures. Crunchy smooth, bubbly can help make connections.

When it comes to exploring sensory with their hands and bodies, outdoor is the perfect place to do “messy” experiences. Fill a shallow bucket with water, mud, grass clippings, shaving cream, pinecones, sand, add some buckets, scoops, and funnels and you have hours of entertainment. Heuristic items you have in the home are better than anything you feel like you must run out and purchase at the store.


Children love to use items they see their parents/guardians use in the home. It helps them feel connected to their environment.

In the Tots classroom, we have recently explored Easter grass, fruits, water with citrus fruits and dried lentils rice and beans. The children made a lot of conversations and reactions on what they see, feel and smell. In the Easter grass bin, children were reaching the bottom as they feel something underneath. They excitedly took out and showed to their friends. It was a gold metal napkin holder.

All of these can provide many enriching opportunities to engage children without the dreaded mess. Look inside your pantry of refrigerator and see all the possibilities to create sensory experiences with your child. Also check out our Facebook page for ideas with photos we have posted.


Posted by Angela and Taylor

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