Introducing the World of Collecting to Children.

March 17, 2022

Collecting something is a hobby. It can be anything from collecting rocks to feathers to different shaped leaves. Why show children how to start a collection ? There are a lot of benefits in doing so.

Collecting for the Future

Learning to collect will help children to develop a passion towards something from a young age. Being passionate can lead a child to be more creative and attentive to details. If the children are more interested in a specific topic they tend to learn more about it , which in turn leads to building confidence and self esteem from a very young age.

Being responsible

Children will learn to value the items they collect and have a deep caring for them. Storing the item they collect safe and away from damage will teach them about being responsible towards their belongings. Discipline is another benefit that comes with a collection. Collecting one by one and waiting to find a new addition to the collection will show them values like persistence and patience.

Guide to nature

Exploring the outside and being part of nature is a big part of having a collection. Looking for a rare rock in the backyard or the biggest pine cone in the woods can be fun and exciting to both children and parents. Being interested in their different surroundings brings out the teacher in the grown ups and the student in the children, which can help to form a deeper bond between them.

Making new friends

Finding friends who have similar likings will help children to have a sense of making connections and socialization from a young age. Having peers with the same affinity will guide children to be more encouraging to others.

Collecting as a hobby can be fun for the whole family, a time for bonding and way to share information for all.

A child’s development is influenced by a wide range of factors that are governed by both nature and nurtureCareer Week!

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