Springtime Fun: Easter Celebrations

April 26, 2023

Did you know that the Easter egg represents new life, and the bunny is a symbol of fertility?


We had a blast celebrating Easter with the children at Tiny Hoppers Richmond East. We organized several activities and crafts to keep them engaged and entertained throughout the day. One of the most exciting activities was the Easter egg hunt. The children searched for hidden eggs around the playground.

Children playing Easter Egg Hunt


Apart from the egg hunt, we also organized several craft activities. The children made Easter bunnies, decorated Easter eggs with colourful paints, and created beautiful Easter-themed wall hangings. These activities helped the children unleash their creativity and taught them essential skills like hand-eye coordination, patience, and teamwork.

Children making Easter hand crafts


The children were overjoyed with their Easter creations and treats as the day ended. They were thrilled to show off their beautiful crafts to their parents and take home their well-deserved rewards from the egg hunt.

A child with his masterpiece


Tiny Hopper Richmond East is where children learn and grow in a fun and safe environment. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and education to every child that comes through our doors. Come and visit us to see the activities and events we organize throughout the year! We take great pride in organizing such events for our children and their families.

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