Boost your child's development with sensory activities

April 22, 2024

Have you ever found yourself trying to discourage a young child from incessantly banging on the table, wall, or glass door, only to feel frustrated when they persist? This behavior often stems from the stimulating sensation of the motion and sound. Redirecting their attention by attaching a sensory bag to the glass door or hanging a sensory board on the wall can effectively shift their focus onto a more constructive activity. In doing so, we not only address the banging behavior but also recognize and honor the child’s sensory needs. This approach teaches them appropriate behaviors while respecting their developmental stage.

Engaging infants and toddlers in sensory activities is essential for their cerebral development. These activities stimulate their senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell – laying a strong foundation for cognitive growth. By exploring various textures, colours, and sounds, children develop crucial neural connections in their brains, enhancing their ability to process information and understand the word around them. Sensory play also promotes fine and gross motor skills, language development, and emotional regulation. Whether it’s squishing playdough, splashing water, shaking a sensory bottle, or feeling different fabrics, these experiences provide rich opportunities for learning and discovery, fostering healthy brain development in your little ones.

Recognizing the invaluable benefits of sensory activities for infants and toddlers, our children at Tiny Hoppers Queensborough actively engage in sensory-rich experiences. We facilitate sensory walks, allowing children to explore various textures such as grass, leaves, and stones in nature. Additionally, our teachers curate diverse sensory bins and sensory bottles, providing opportunities for hands-on exploration and observation. These activities not only stimulate sensory development but also foster curiosity and learning in our young learners.



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