March 7, 2022
March is Kidney Health Month and we are calling on you to support The Kidney Foundation make positive changes for the 1 in 10 Canadians that are currently suffering from this disease. Kidney disease can affect anyone at any age. It can come on without any signs of warning and it can completely alter one’s life path.
From March 1st until World Kidney Day on March 10th, The Kidney Foundation is presenting the #SixDegreeChallenge and encouraging people to take to social media to either show their connection to kidney disease, and/or their support for those living with it. The idea is that we are all connected to kidney disease (through no more than 6 degrees of separation). This campaign provides hope and strength for so many as kidney disease can often feel lonely and isolating #sixdegreechallenge
It’s so easy! Simply take a photo of yourself holding up 6 fingers. Post it with the hashtag #sixdegreechallenge and tag 6 friends and ask them to do the same 🙂
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