Fine Motor and Gross Motor

January 9, 2023


Gross Motor

Fine and gross motor skills are an essential part of a preschooler’s learning about themselves, and their capabilities. Image A portrays our students having a dance party in our classroom. What better way to learn than having fun to some music, with friends and shaking our bodies making some crazy cool dance moves! These children learned how their bodies can move in different ways. Songs such as Freeze dance, YMCA, etc. Are great examples of how we can include gross motor skills learning with our children!



Fine Motor

Fine motor skills are essential in a child’s development. In image B, we can see our friends drawing and colouring on paper. We printed out connect the dot colouring pages so they are not only using their hands to colour and draw, but are also connecting cognitively from mind to muscle on what to do and how to complete the picture! Using a pencil, crayons, and markers are a simple way to prepare preschools on school readiness!

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