How Does Learning Happen

November 16, 2021

We believe that working hand in hand with our families and educators will create the best overall Experience for our children


In our Tiny Hoppers Childcare, we want our children and staff to feel a sense of belonging, making sure their ideas are heard and they can bring a part of them to the centre. This could be through culture, different interests, different ways of doing things. We want everyone to feel like our centre is a second home, that it’s a place that when they enter they immediately feel a sense of calm and warmth.


As well, our centre focuses on the Well-being of all our staff and students. We follow the Canadian food guide when planning all our meals so that we can keep everyone following a healthy lifestyle.

Asides from food, our staff ensure constant supervision when looking after all the children constantly counting, and making sure all children can be seen at all times


When children enter our childcare facility, we want them to constantly be Engaged and learning. We promote this by having fun activities that secretly having the children learning skills for their age group.

We also want our staff to be having fun, so our childcare makes competitions for the staff such as door decorating or best costume. This allows our staffs creative minds to really work and in turn to open their minds a little more and think outside the box.


Our final core value Is for our staff and children to be able to express themselves. We as educators want our children to be able to silly and make silly faces. We want to be able to teach them how to self-regulate their emotions when they are upset or angry. Most of all we want to ensure that each child knows that they can come to us for help; and that’s what we are there for.


Everyone from staff to student are such amazing people, and it seems like from what we’ve seen that we’ve been doing a pretty great job at letting each individual know how special they are to us.


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