Weekend Activities for the Family

March 25, 2014

Weekends are great as you get to relax from work, but there are also a million things to be done and keeping your kids entertained can prove to be a never ending task. As much as much as you love having them around, their attention spans are fairly short and it can be difficult of thinking things to do all week. To help you keep your children entertained we have shared some weekend activities that will make them happy and make your life a little easier:

Outdoor Activities

Though the weather may be cold you know that won’t stop your kids from begging you to go out and enjoy all the lovely winter activities while they can. Playing out in the snow is a great way to keep your kids active and entertained. Building a snowman is always fun, but if you want something new try to incorporate sand toys in the winter. This creative idea is sure to entertain them as they can build snow castles, and make fun summer shapes in the snow.

Indoor Activities

If you’re willing to spend a little money on outing activities there are many options you have to choose from. Museums are a fantastic way to keep the children engaged and learning over the weekend, most museums will have child friendly exhibits with a fun theme that is sure to teach your child something.

Jungle gyms are sure way to get your child active if they’re not interested in playing outside in the cold. Many cities have at least one jungle gym that feature tube slides, ball pits, and open spaces for them to run around. If you want to focus on creativity ceramic painting shops are a great experience for the kids. The staff at the ceramic paint shops have plenty of experience working with children are will definitely get them to show their creative side.

At Home Activities

Staying at home is always enjoyable as this is where you and your children are most comfortable. The kids don’t have to spend the entire weekend watching television or attached to video games, if you want them to get engaged you could always try a fun craft, board game or cooking. For interesting craft and cooking ideas try Pinterest, you can usually find some great projects that don’t require too many supplies or ingredients. For a board game try Apples to Apples Junior (ages 9+) it is an excitedly entertaining board game for the whole family and is perfect for those cold days indoors.

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