Tips & Tricks to Travelling with Kids

August 8, 2014

Each year families embark on vacations with equal feelings of excitement and dread. If you are travelling with kids there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help things go a little more smoothly and turn your travels into an enjoyable experience.

Plan with the Kids

As your children get older they’ll want to be more involved in the vacation planning process. Be sure to ask them what they would like to do, and what they don’t want to do, this way you can come up with a great compromise. By doing this your children will feel special and happy that you’re including them in the process, as well making them more excited for the trip to come.

Travel Immunization

If you are planning on travelling to another country it is imperative that you know whether or not immunizations are needed. Discuss this with your family doctor so you know how far out the immunizations must be given, as well as if they advise you to take along other medication that can help treat common travellers’ illnesses .

Book Accommodation

Travelling with kids without reservations is not a great idea. You want to be certain you have planned stops along the way for meals as well as have reservations for each night you will be away. With kids you can’t just see where the road takes you, especially during peak travel times.

Be Prepared

Technology is a blessing to modern parents who can easily keep kids amused for hours. From cars and vans with DVD players to smartphones and tablets you can keep kids occupied when away from home. You can also depend on old standbys such as arts and crafts, board games, video games, and classic car games.

Bring Snacks

Always have plenty of snacks and drinks within arm’s reach so kids don’t complain about being hungry and thirsty. Keeping extra granola bars, or fruit snacks in the car can make all the difference.

Educate Them

Have fun prior to the trip by watching movies or educational shows about the location you are visiting and looking at pictures of the hotel and surrounding area online. This will help kids plan what they want to do when they are there as well as become familiar with your destination.

Using these tips and tricks will make travelling with the kids far more fun and a little more predictable.

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