How Tiny Hoppers Provides Your Children with Early Learning

June 26, 2014

With the introduction to full day kindergarten it is even more important to give your child the best possible start for their education. Early learning centres are the perfect choice for your preschool children as they offer programs they’ll need for a good education base. In fact, children who attend early learning programs tend to do better in school than those who haven’t. Here are a few ways Tiny Hoppers provide your children with the early learning they require to succeed.

Learning and Socializing

Early learning programs set the foundation for the architecture of the brain. Early learning centres such as Tiny Hoppers offer children the opportunity to interact with adults and other children which offers positive impact on the shaping of their health, behavior and well-being.

In the early years your child’s brain requires the type of stimulation provided by early learning centres that allows for development and sets the base for their ability to learn more effectively. Interaction with other children will help your child develop social skills and learn how to build relationships that will assist them throughout their life.

Stimulating Environment

At Tiny Hoppers your child will be engaged throughout the day allowing them to improve their self-regulation skills while remaining challenged in order to think and develop new skills every day. Although you can place your child in a loving daycare setting or even spend quality one on one time with them at home they will not have the additional and much needed tools and equipment that encourage learning.

The Right Tools

Tiny Hoppers designed their early learning centres with the intention of offering the exact environment your child needs to learn including:

• Set ups for group exploration and learning
• Materials that will encourage learning from dramatic play to creativity and drawing and writing to natural inquiry
• Areas to explore nature as well as for sharing and reading
• Physical activity

At Tiny Hoppers they offer programs registered with the Ministry of Education as well as offering age appropriate learning opportunities under the care of teachers trained to promote literacy in the classroom. They provide an energetic learning environment allowing children to thrive and grow. Group activities as well as themed activities based on your child’s individual interests are perfectly balanced.

By sending your children to Tiny Hoppers they will gain the learning experience they require to stimulate social, emotional, physical and cognitive development preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.

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