Tiny Hoppers Expands Into International Markets

January 13, 2016

January 11, 2016

Tiny Hoppers Expands Into International Markets
Hopping across the world with award winning, educational, early childhood programs

Ottawa, ON- Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Centres has franchised their award winning daycare concept in Saudi Arabia, with the first centre opening March 1st, 2016, and has just returned from a visit and meetings with one of the largest private school companies in India.  Entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the growing need for quality, early childhood programs and schooling for children ages 1 month to 6 years.

School curriculum around the world is becoming increasingly advanced and research is showing that children who participate in high quality, early childhood education programs are arriving at school far better prepared for the challenges they will meet.  Tiny Hoppers’ Master Franchisees have access to a fun, hands-on, detailed curriculum that is customized to each age group from infant to kindergarten.

The founders of Tiny Hoppers are thrilled by the universal interest in their programs. “We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring our classrooms and curriculum to children in other parts of the world,” states Brigida Aversa, co-founder of Tiny Hoppers. “We are so proud of the success that our programs have had in preparing children for the school system.  We have designed a way to teach young children math, language, science and social studies through play, hands-on activities and music and movement programs.”  “Children are fully engaged in our programming because they are having fun and teachers enjoy our lesson plans because everything is done for them, leaving them time to focus on the individual needs of the children in their programs,” states co-founder Theresa Bertuzzi.  “Watching children enter a Tiny Hoppers’ centre for the first time brings us such joy as we get to witness the excitement on their faces as they see the beautiful play rooms where they get to come to learn each day.  What a thrill to know that children on the other side of the world will also get to experience that same excitement.”

Tiny Hoppers provides a dedicated, five-day training at the corporate office in Ottawa, Ontario. Training includes detailed marketing and business planning, explanations of all forums and software that make running your own Tiny Hoppers very simple, and detailed manuals on how to set up and run Tiny Hoppers’ classrooms; everything is done for you. The company also hosts a business forum where Master Franchisees can find videos and documents that they can use to train their future franchisees and staff.  The Tiny Hoppers’ head office will also provide ongoing franchise support throughout the life of the business.  At Tiny Hoppers we believe that you are in business for yourself but not BY yourself.

Our newest Master Franchisee in Saudi Arabia (Hanan Timraz) just completed her franchise training in Ottawa, Ontario and had the following to say: “It was my first visit to Canada for the master franchise training with Tiny Hoppers. I enjoyed my experience and had a successful fun trip thanks to the amazing Tiny Hoppers team. I’m impressed by the great mixture of hospitality, joy, and professionalism they possess. Such a live example of a dream team. I’m positive now that we made the right decision to be part of Tiny Hoppers family.”

Franchise Information for Tiny Hoppers
Tiny Hoppers, a daycare and early learning centre, was founded in 2005 by Brigida Aversa and Theresa Bertuzzi in Ottawa, ON.  The concept was franchised in 2007. Brigida and Theresa have both won Ottawa’s prestigious Top 40 Under 40 Business Award as well as the Ottawa Business Achievement Award.  Rashid Nasim joined the team and became co-owner in 2014.  Tiny Hoppers has won “Best Daycare in Ottawa” for the past three years running.   If you are interested in learning more about the Master Franchise opportunity in your country please contact Gino Beccherini at 514-783-1367 or [email protected]


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