Sending your Children to Camp

March 17, 2014

Summer is fast approaching and the kids could not be more excited. The daunting task of having to figure out daycare stresses you. You want to ensure that the kids enjoy their vacation but don’t lose a kept schedule or social interaction. Signing your kids up for summer camp could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Camps offer structured schedules focusing on a variety of themes, for all ages. Whether it is a day camp or a sleep away camp they attend their summer is not wasted. Here are a few key things to consider when deciding to send your children to a specific camp:


Think about what you want your child to take away from the camp experience, do you want them to refine their skills or learn new skills (e.g. sending them to music camp to help them with their instrumental studies, or send them to a general camp where they will try new things).

Is your child ready for sleep away camp?

Your child may be of an older age but it is crucial that they feel comfortable with the idea of being away from home for more than one night. If you’re unsure if your child would be comfortable away from home have a discussion with them, knowing the distance of the camp may play a factor.


Summer vacation spans just over two months, what time during the summer would be best for your children to go to camp? Event commitments, work schedules, and other activities such as music lessons or soccer season are all things you should take into consideration before deciding on when to send your kids to camp.


The most difficult part of selecting a camp is the cost. Money plays an important role on your decision and you need to feel assured that spending money on a camp is a good investment. The best way to guarantee you will be happy with the costs is to compare camps. It is beneficial to start with a list of camps that offer the same amenities of what you want and then compare prices.

Remember that sending you children to camp is exciting, for both you and your children. To help prepare them for camp discuss the expectations you both have. As you enjoy your time while your kids are at camp your children are going to learn and experience new things, ultimately everyone is happy.

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