Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Germ Free

October 10, 2014

It starts with a sneeze, a sniffle or a little cough. When cold and flu season arrives every parent is ready to tackle the signs and symptoms. However, with a little practice it is possible to help keep your kids healthy and germ free – at least most of the time.

Fighting Flu

When it comes to the flu your best offense is a strong defense. Kids are more susceptible to flu and therefore you should speak to your doctor about the flu vaccine.

Healthy Diet & Vitamins

Kids need to eat a healthy diet, but we all know kids can be picky eaters. Do your best to get them to eat plenty of fruit and veggies in the winter months even if it is in rich soups and stews. Offer them juicy orange wedges such as sweet clementines for Vitamin C and also raw veggies with dip in their lunches. If all else fails give them a gummy daily vitamin to help keep their immune systems hearty.

Wash Those Hands

One of the best things you can teach a child is to wash their hands. This will help keep them germ free as well as stop them from spreading their own germs when ill. Teach them to wash their hands with soap and water while singing “Happy Birthday” to ensure they clean their hands thoroughly. Make it a rule they wash their hands not only after using the washroom, but when they get home from school and then before meals. This rule should apply while at school and their daycare centre as they will be in contact with more germs when away from home.

Lessen the Spread of Illness

We now know that coughing and sneezing into one’s hand spreads germs. Teach your child from an early age to cough into their arm or a tissue to prevent the spread of germs. As well, many parents send their ill children to the daycare centre and school because they cannot take time off from work. Keeping your child home is one of the most important steps in reducing the spread of cold and flu not only to other kids at school but their families as well.

If we all make the effort to follow these rules, we can noticeably reduce the spread of cold and flu. That means healthier families, less time off work and more sleep filled nights.

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