Keeping the Holiday Magic Alive

November 28, 2014

Creating a home filled with holiday magic teaches your children about the importance of family tradition, sharing and giving. Here are a few ideas to help keep the holiday magic alive:

Santa Clause Parades

It doesn’t matter where you live, every city has a Santa Clause Parade. Start a tradition with your little ones as soon as they are old enough to sit up in their stroller. Bundle up and bring the whole family along to welcome Santa and the holiday season. You can also keep an eye out for the opportunity to donate a toy either at the parade to Santa’s elves or through your local mall or community.

Make a Wish List

Part of the fun of Christmas is dreaming. Make a wish list with the kids to encourage them to use their writing and printing skills. Then send the letters off to the North Pole before December 16th 2014, to get a response from one of Santa’s elves. The elves are equipped to read and respond in more than 30 languages, and can even respond in Braille! For more information please visit the Canada Post website.

Bake Holiday Cheer

Spend time with kids doing the holiday baking making all of your favourite cookies and squares. Make a batch for your child to share with their friends at their day care centre. You can also look for gingerbread house kits to decorate for a fun holiday family project. Look at other family holiday traditions such as making strings of garland with popcorn and cranberries.

Give Back

Make sure you teach kids that the holidays are more about giving than receiving. With so many charities running food and toy drives it is the perfect opportunity to shop with your kids and have them pick out a toy or some food to drop off at the local charity. Older kids can also get into the holiday spirit and volunteer at the local food or toy bank to help sort and package donations. Speak to your child’s day care centre and see if they would be interested in doing a food or toy drive.

Create Your Own Traditions

Think of other ways to create your own traditions such as making holiday decorations together, making a special trip to pick out your Christmas tree or holding a special event for family and friends. You can also look at a special Christmas breakfast, attending a Christmas concert or holding a caroling evening.

It is easy to keep the holiday magic alive with these fun, heart-warming ideas.

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