Introduce Music into Your Children's Lives and Watch Them Flourish

August 16, 2018

Music is an important part of our culture. We use music to celebrate, relax, interact, and enjoy. But did you know that you can use music to teach your kids essential skills and to help with their development? All you need to do is introduce music into your children’s lives and watch them flourish. Here’s how.

Improved Social Skills

Even from a young age, infants respond to music. When parents sing to their children, it provides a level of communication between the parents and the children. And then as children get older, they learn to sing together and to use music to form friendships, create bonds, and share feelings with others.

Development of Emotional Skills

Music also helps to provide an emotional outlet for your children. By dancing and singing, children can express their feelings and learn to let go in a healthy way. They also learn how to use music to their advantage – to give them energy, lift their moods, and to calm them down.

Accelerated Brain Development

Musical education can also accelerate the brain development in young children. When music is played, the auditory system becomes stimulated, which helps children learn how to process sounds. This can help children who listen to music mature faster by developing language skills and reading skills much earlier than kids who don’t.

Improved motor skills

Children tend to jump up, sway, and move their hands and bodies in response to the sounds they hear. Dancing to the music helps children build their motor skills, develop their muscles, and practice self-expression.

Strengthened Memory Skills

Unlike language, music has the power to activate our entire brain, including our memory. That’s why when songs are repeated, your child will recognize the melody and attempt to mimic the sounds. Listening to music and engaging in music lessons can help your children strengthen and improve their memory.

As you can see, music provides so many benefits to your child’s development. But what’s most significant is how it makes them feel. Kids love listening to music and dancing. That’s why at Tiny Hoppers daycare we make sure your kids get a healthy dose of music to enjoy. We let them develop their skills in a safe and responsible environment that is both fun and enjoyable for them. To learn more about our programs, contact us today.

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