How to Teach Your Kids to Share

November 21, 2018

If your child has a tendency to hog their snacks or throw a tantrum whenever they have to share, don’t worry — you’re certainly not alone! In fact, most toddlers aren’t naturally conditioned to share. It’s something that must be taught and learned over time. To help your little one form this new habit, here’s how to teach your kids to share with others.

Start as Early as Possible

It’s important to nip this issue as early as possible to help your child understand what it means to share, why sharing is important, and to let them nurture it as a new, permanent habit. So as soon as they’re able to hold onto objects, like their toys, start to teach them how to take turns with others.

Include it During Playtime

Avoiding competitive games during playtime is recommended until children reach beyond the preschooler age. Instead, focus on cooperative games where everyone involved wins. This helps set the groundwork for learning to be considerate of others feelings, which is a major part of sharing.

Lead By Example

Being a good role model is important since kids absorb so much around them. So be sure to lead by example by sharing your seat with them, taking turns on the swing or sharing your ice cream. All of these little gestures have a bigger impact than you may realize when it comes to teaching your little one how to get along with others.

Use a Timer

If you need a more direct approach to cut through your child’s persistent bad habit of hogging the toys, then use a timer on your phone to indicate when it’s time for them to pass their toy to their friend. Then set the timer again to indicate when they can swap and get it back. This will give them a cue to follow and help them understand that sharing doesn’t mean they have to give up what they enjoy forever. This is a great tactic to try during playdates.

At Tiny Hoppers, we offer a safe, comfortable and dynamic environment that encourages children to have fun while learning how to get along with others. Reach out to us today to learn more about our enriching programs and which locations are nearest you!

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