How to Make Sure Your Kids Have a Good Sibling Relationship

April 19, 2019

Do you kids bicker and fight most of the time? Not sure how to help them get along? No parent wants to see their kids always fighting with one another. But beyond the irritating scuffles, it goes deeper than that. Sibling relationships play a vital role in how they’ll interact with others as they grow into adults. To encourage healthier sibling relationships in your family, here are some tips to help encourage them to get along.


Engage in Team Building Activities


When you have kids in different age groups or with different interests, it can be challenging to get them to enjoy spending time together. However, it’s important to get them to engage in exercises that foster teamwork amongst each other. For example, get them to work on their chores together, or play games where it’s the kids vs. the parents. These are simple ways to help motivate them to work together. Whenever possible, have them play on the same team so they can also learn to support one another.


Have Fun Together


Just because one of your kids is into different activities doesn’t mean you can’t still all have fun together. Families who spend more time together are more likely to get along and form deeper bonds. So try to find activities that the whole family can enjoy or let each child have a special day during the week where they get to choose the games and activities.


Teach Them How to Work Things Out


Even if your kids start to get along , there will always be days when they just won’t – and that’s okay. But you can help nip this in the bud by teaching your kids how to deal with certain scenarios appropriately and work things out. For example, you can help your kids identify situations where they should walk away instead of arguing back.  And explain that certain actions will have consequences if they don’t deal with a situation in a proper and respectful manner.


Avoid Comparing Them


Parents don’t realize that when they compare their children, they’re setting the stage for resentment between siblings. Avoid saying things that can stir up these type of feelings, and never draw comparisons. It will only inflict resentment among one another which can lead to more conflict.


Give Them Equal Amounts of Attention


Every parent is guilty of this. They don’t mean to play favourites but often times, one child requires more attention than another. However, it’s vital to spend equal time with both children, so one doesn’t start to feel left out or jealous of the other. If you have one child who is heavily engaged in activities like baseball that takes up a lot of your time, be sure to find ways to engage with your other child on a one-on-one basis so they can feel included.


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