How Praise and Punishment Affect Kids

March 7, 2019

Figuring out how to discipline your child is one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make as a parent. Should you play the strict parent or the cool one? Should you punish them for doing a bad thing or give them a reward when they achieve something? The truth is, every family is different and what might have worked for your friend’s family is not guaranteed to work in your own home. Understanding how praise and punishment affect kids is a great step towards figuring out the parenting style that is best suited for you and your children.

Praising Them Boosts Their Self-Confidence

You should always praise your children for a job well done. Giving your children encouragement when they’ve done something right will boost their self-confidence and can lead them to even more achievements in the future.

Punishing Them For Having Bad Grades Raises Self-Doubt

Children already feel bad for not doing well in class. Punishing them for poor grades will only cause them to question their true capabilities. Instead, you should find out if something specific is impacting their performance or why they may be lagging behind in a particular subject first.

Rewarding Them Motivates Them To Keep On Going

Giving your child a reward for achieving something they worked hard on will often motivate them even further. In most cases, it will encourage them to keep on going and to accomplish even greater things in the future.

Punishing Them For Mistakes Makes Them Feel Worse

It’s totally normal for kids to mess up from time to time on tests and in sports. But how you react to it makes all the difference. Punishing them instead of consoling them will only make them feel worse and may even prevent them from trying again.

Giving Gifts For Achievement Makes It Worth It

It’s important to show your children that you appreciate their efforts and hard work they’ve put in. Getting a little gift for accomplishing is an excellent way to make them feel it was all worth it in the end.

Be Slow To Tell Them You’re Disappointed

Everyone hates feeling like a big disappointment. When children hear those words, it can make them feel hurt, anxious and even worthless. They may even resent you for it, so it’s important to be delicate with how you express disappointment.

Rush To Tell Them You’re Proud

Everyone wants to hear that their parents are proud of them. The yearning is even more so with young children since they look up to their parents. So always tell your kids you’re proud of them, it will make them shine.

It’s essential for every parent to know how praise and punishment affect their kids and how to discipline a child without negatively impacting their mental health. At Tiny Hoppers, we offer a safe, fun and engaging environment for kids to play, learn and interact with each other in a comfortable setting. Check out our website to find a Tiny Hoppers nearest you!

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