Helping Your Children Get 2019 Going on the Right Foot

January 30, 2019

Want to encourage your children to start the New Year on a positive note? We’ve got all the tips you need to help your children get 2019 going on the right foot, and to encourage good habits as they continue to grow in adulthood.

Keep Things Positive at Home

It’s important to remember just how much your children absorb from their parents. That’s why keeping a positive outlook and attitude around them is essential, especially during their initial years of development. Everything during these first years leaves a lasting mark, and the last thing you want is for them to take on any negative outlooks towards life since this can result in angry and aggressive teens. So to help your child start 2019 on the right foot, try to work on keeping a positive state of mind and keeping your home a happy place so they can follow suit as they grow older.

Foster Time for Family Bonding

Encouraging family bonding time is another great way to get your little one to value time spent with others, which helps them develop into more well-adjusted adults. Arranging game nights with relatives, dinners, and other family gatherings are all fantastic ways to foster healthy family relations and help your children grow up to be more confident, outgoing, and grounded.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Start early on fostering other healthy habits, like eating nutritiously and keeping physically active by encouraging them to eat their veggies, playing outside at the park, taking swimming lessons, and spend time with their peers. Nailing down these healthy, fundamental habits now will make it much easier for them to carry them through with them as they grow older too.

Reward Good Behaviour

Keep your children motivated to behave and practise good manners by offering rewards. This doesn’t mean showering them with toys, junk food or other materialistic things. Instead, offer words of praise, give a high five, a hug and other more meaningful rewards that won’t get them hooked on expecting something materialistic each time they do something good.

Sign Them Up For Daycare

Getting your children comfortable around others at a young age is another excellent way to help them grow into great adults. They can learn how to interact with others, develop new skills, make new friends, and learn how to be caring and considerate individuals.

When you’re looking ahead and wondering how to encourage your children to get 2019 going on the right foot, remember these essential tips. These will plant the initial seeds that can help foster confident, intelligent, and socially adept adults. At Tiny Hoppers, we provide children with a safe and fun environment where they can learn the building blocks of life through our enriching and stimulating programs. Contact us today to learn more!

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