Fun Birthday Party Ideas

February 2, 2018

Looking for some fun birthday party ideas that won’t disappoint? We have you covered! Here are some of our favourite unique and thoughtful party suggestions for your kid’s birthday.

Unicorn Party

If you’re looking for an event that’s lots fun for both the kids and adults, then a unicorn party is a great one. The kids will love making their own unicorn and experiencing a little magic. All you need is some white paper, glue, glitter, sparkles, and paint. Then sit back and enjoy watching as the kid’s craft and design their very own unicorn horn. You can also add a game of pin the tail on the unicorn.

Fiesta Siesta

If you’re looking for something unique, why not throw a colourful and exciting fiesta party? You can easily find a piñata for the kids and fill it with candy. Plus, it can be tons of fun setting up a taco station and letting the kids create their own. They can also enjoy playing their favourite games with a little Mexican twist, like musical chairs played with sombreros.

Fortune Teller Birthday

Sure, you could hire a fortune teller, or you could get dressed up like one yourself! It’s not much work to transform a room into your fortune teller wagon and pick up a few tarot cards or a fake crystal ball. Just put on some chunky jewellery and a bandana, and you’re set to give all the kids a hilarious fortune and lots of laughs. If you want to take it to the next level, you could transform your backyard or home into a carnival with some games and booths so the kids can play to win prizes.

Olympics Party

If you have a lot of kids to entertain, then an Olympic party is the perfect theme. All you need to do is to set up a number of fun events that the kids can compete in. Some of our favourites are the potato sack race, bean bag toss and soccer shootout.  At the beginning of the event, create teams of three and let the kids pick their own country. Then have them compete for gold but make sure everyone gets a gold medal and a prize at the end.

Spooky Birthday

Every kid’s favourite time of the year is Halloween. So why not celebrate it one more time? Let the kids dress up in costume and turn your home into a spooky haunted house filled with games. You can even get creative and host a themed party like a black and white cat party or zombie party.

If you’ve been looking for some fun birthday ideas, consider these suggestions to help inspire the perfect plan for your child’s special day.

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