3 Ways To Get Back Into Your School Year Routine

September 6, 2019

Pool parties, day camps, watching TV, eating junk food, sleeping-in, and lounging around in pajamas, sounds like the ideal summer break for children, doesn’t it? When school approaches, it can be challenging switching from your summer break routine to a school routine. Here are some tips on how to get your child back into the school year swing. 

Reintroducing Routine and Structure 

Starting to re-introduce routine during the last month of summer is a crucial component to maintain the structure and discipline. There are many ways this can be achieved such as adjusting their sleeping schedule to match the one during the school year. Mealtimes – breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as playtime, should have set times during the day. Starting to incorporate household chores such as clearing their plate after meals, taking out the garbage, making their bed, will all help your child get back into the transition of classroom structure and routine. 

Academic All Year Round! 

Just because it’s summer break does not mean that academics should be on hold. Set aside some time for your child and even your family instead of watching TV. Board games – playing cards, math games, word games are fun activities that get the mind working. Kids are full of imagination and love to create. Get various sizes of paper, a journal, pencils, and crayons for them and they will creatively come up with their own designs or written text. Having them sit still for a set time will prepare them for the classroom where this is to be expected. 

Back To School Shopping

Who doesn’t love new school gadgets to rock in front of all your friends and teachers? Taking your kids back to school shopping can be a great motivator to get them excited to go back to school. Allow your child to pick out their lunch box, backpack, and notebooks and to initialize all the school supplies that way so they feel as though this item belongs to them. Go to their favourite stores and pick out some new outfits for them to wear. This is also a great time for parents to sort through their child’s clothing and get rid of anything that isn’t being worn or is covered in stains. 

At Tiny Hoppers, we wish your child a successful and enjoyable return to school. Learn more about our award-winning daycare and the different services that we can offer for your child. 

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