3 Tips for Dressing Your Kids for Spring

March 13, 2017

Although it felt like an impossibility, spring is on the way! With longer and sunnier days, higher temperatures ,and frequent rain showers there is one thing that is absolutely inevitable; soaking wet children. Kids can’t resist the urge to jump in a puddle as they pass, no matter what their final destination is or how nice their outfit is. Getting wet is a part of springtime and that fact isn’t about to change anytime soon. So how do you as a parent combat the impending soakers that are coming your way? Here are some tips for staying dry (or rather getting dry) in the middle of a soggy spring.

  1. Invest in a good pair of rubber boots

It’s important that your child has the right size of rubber boot for their foot. If the boot is too small it can be quite painful for the child’s foot and lead to blistering, especially if the foot gets wet. If the boot is too big it makes it too easy for the foot to slip out and be fully immersed in a puddle. The right size rubber boot is the main key to dry feet in spring time.

  1. Pack extra clothing

If your child is going to daycare, going to spend the day at a friend’s house, or just leaving the house with you, be prepared and pack extra dry clothes. Even if children aren’t playing outside, it’s very easy for them to be caught in a rain shower, splashed by a passing car, or simply get wet socks from puddles even inside the house in and around the wet boots. Having a dry outfit at the ready will help your child stay warm and dry. At the very least pack lots of extra socks. Wet feet can lead to a pretty miserable day for anyone!

  1. Layer

Spring is an awkward time of year when it comes to predicting temperature. Some days may be worthy of a winter coat while others hardly warrant a sweater! But being prepared for all possibilities when you leave the house is the most difficult dressing task a parent will face. The best case scenario is to layer your child with lightweight layers. Put lightly lined splash pants on your kids along with sweaters and lightweight jackets. Don’t forget to always send your child with a warm hat. It’s easier to take layers off than to add layers that you don’t have.

Remember that spring is a fun time for kids and that kids will always find a way to get wet and messy no matter what! As a parent, it’s important to be prepared for any spring soaker your kids decide to toss your way.

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