Lunar New Year 2023 Toddler Edition!

January 31, 2023

The toddlers worked on some awesome activities and art projects last week with the celebration of Lunar New Year 2023! The educators brought in some items to go with the theme and set up an awesome Lunar New Year table on the tuff tray! The toddlers were able to explore books, colours of the holiday, how to hold/use chop sticks, coins, and red envelopes. The teachers had conversations during circle time about the holiday and also read the stories brought in. They also had 2 art activities planned during the week one of which included the children decorating their own rabbit since 2023 is the year of the “rabbit” and they were able to use their fine motor pincer grasp skills to hold the cotton ball and choose the colour they wanted to make the rabbit! The second art activity that they did was grabbing red pieces of tissue paper and placing them to decorate their own lantern 🙂

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