• We were looking for a preschool for our 2.5 year old daughter last year, and attended the Easter open house. Our daughter had an instant connection with the head preschool teacher and we knew right away that Tiny Hoppers was going to be the right fit to offer our child a safe and happy place to go to everyday. We’ve been really happy with the teachers and the curriculum over the past year.

    Sarah Kenny

  • Tiny Hoppers has been an amazing daycare for both our boys! We are so thankful for the wonderful care they have received and continue to receive from all if their great teachers. We can’t believe how much they learn each day! We are very fortunate to say that our children love Tiny Hoppers!

    Emily & Matt

  • The people here are amazing! Everyone has such a loving spirit and they do their best to entertain and comfort my super anxious son. He has been to a different center before and they never encouraged him as much as the girls do here. Thank you for taking such good care of my pride and joy.

    Selena Tweedie

  • I love the Centre it teaches my son a lot about different things with the variety of themes and projects the kids are exposed to on daily basis.
    kids are very well loved and taken care of by the amazing and dedicated teachers ,director and staff. Big thank you to all for the efforts and hard work .

    Rawia Sassa

  • I brought my daughter to Tiny Hoppers after a year of home daycare. I was extremely nervous about her transition and if it was the right decision to have her enrolled in a center. It was the best decision I have made. I never worry about my daughter getting one on one attention and love from her teachers. I know 100% that she is getting attention, guidance and hugs throughout her day. She is getting the social skills and the comfort of a class setting that I would otherwise not be able to give her, working full time. She has picked up so many good habits from Tiny Hoppers and I won’t be worried about the transition into school when the time comes. The most important comfort for me is that I know they love her there. On top of all that, many days she eats better meals at daycare than she does at home! I’m so grateful that I found Tiny Hoppers, and we actually found it by just driving by one day!

    Nadia Corra

  • Both of my children have attended Tiny Hoppers Kanata North for their toddler and preschool programs. I cannot say enough about how this centre has made a difference in not only the lives of my children but in my family. My daughter has a physical disability and Tiny Hoppers Kanata North always went above and beyond to ensure her needs were met by supporting her to actively participate in all activities and providing her (and all the children) a safe atmosphere to grow and learn. Our youngest starts school in September and we are going to miss Tiny Hoppers, but we are very thankful to have been a part of this wonderful daycare community!

    Barbara Panet-Raymond

  • Our toddler has been at Tiny Hoppers for over a year now and we love everything about it. The teachers are caring and involved and management is knowledgeable and understanding. We saw such a quick positive difference in his independence and speech. They do many activities every day and learn about different subjects and themes. Our son is very engaged and loves going to Tiny Hoppers to learn and play!

    Annie and Brian

  • Tiny Hoppers has helped with the development of my daughter socially, mentally and physically – 3 things that are on my checklist when I was looking for a daycare. The program provided are very well designed as my child gets to be active outside, play with her friends, time for artwork, have a healthy meal, quiet/rest time and most importantly she receives lots of love and attention from her teachers. I am very happy I chose this center.

    Louise Borromeo

  • One word describes you all “Awesome”. this comes from someone who has changed 3 day cares in Kanata North. You team is friendly and take good care of kids. Its good to see them learn new things everyday. thanks for all your do!


  • I feel very confident& comfortable going to work and leaving my son at Tiny Hoppers knowing he’s in great hands. He is always cheerful and happy when he comes home and so am I, knowing he’s had a good day.

    Christina Thompson

  • Both my children attend Tiny Hoppers and I have no doubts in my mind that this was the best choice of daycare provider! Tiny Hoppers offers a well-run program in a clean and safe environment with professional and caring staff. My kids are provided with healthy meals and lots of outdoor time. There are plenty of toys, games and crafts on a daily basis. My oldest always wants to re-enact “circle time” and “show and tell” every evening. The programming is very educational and I feel that my kids will be well-prepared for school when the time comes. The monthly ‘Parent’s Night Out’ are ingenious and enables a lovely little break for us grown-ups. Thank you so much for providing such an enriching program for my kids!

    Audrey Cameron

  • I had my baby at 43 years old. I thought I knew everything and thought that finding a daycare in Kanata would be a snap. Was I wrong! I started looking at various daycares, one was too dark…. the other kids did not look entertained enough …..another the employees looked like they were exhausted and not interacting as much. I have to say that I actually started panicking. Then by a miracle, I went to one last appointment at a daycare called Tiny Hoppers. It was as though the heavens opened up and the sun came out at the instant I drove up to the front door. I saw all the kids inside smiling singing and having a great time. Very importantly the daycare was very clean. It was bright and the employees all had big smiles on their faces. There were windows left to right and top to bottom to let in natural sunlight. And this was all before I stepped through the front door. The rest as they say is history. I am so happy and excited to have my precious daughter attend this amazing day care. The food is great, the communication with the staff is wonderful, and above all the employee are hand-picked absolutely perfectly. It is such a great feeling to know that the employees love their jobs and love the kids. You see it everywhere in the daycare. They know how to handle everything expertly and no matter what happens I know they always make the right choice. I trust them 100% with my little girl.