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Welcome to Tiny Hoppers Daycare!

Tiny Hoppers opened its doors in January 2005 in the community of Riverside South in Ottawa. We are currently expanding across Ontario at an accelerated rate. We plan to develop our concept across Canada and internationally.

At Tiny Hoppers our focus is to provide children with a safe, fun, and unique play environment. All of our instructors are certified professionals in their fields of expertise. We have teamed up with leading children experts in all areas to bring you unique and stimulating programs.

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Creating a Successful Bedtime Routine

Even the best-behaved children can turn into mini Machiavellis at bedtime, coming up with scheme after scheme to avoid getting shut eye. Despite their best efforts, we all know that sleep is one of the most important parts of childhood development, and a reliable bedtime routine can make all the difference in mood and stress
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Teaching Your Kids about Money

Understanding the value of money and learning the skills to properly manage your finances all starts at an early age, not in adulthood. Early learning centres recommend an age-by-age guide on how to introduce your kids to the concept of money and help set them on the right path for financial success: Ages 3 to
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