July 2, 2020
Our Tiny Hoppers Summerside center is very excited to announce that we have a few spots available in the following rooms:
Infant 12 months – 19 months (September 2020 onwards start date) 
Toddler 19 months – 3 years (July 2020 onwards start date) 
Preschool – 3 years – 5 years (July 2020 onwards start date). 
Please be advised that we are a full time only center; please email or give us a call at 780-469-0438 if you are interested in securing your families spot with us.
The full time monthly fees are as followed:

Infant – $1395.00 
Toddler – $1295.00 
Preschool – $1195.00 
All fee amounts include two snacks (AM and PM) as well as lunch made and served fresh in house daily by our wonderful cook. With our hours of operation being 6:30 am-6:00 pm Monday to Friday.
Our center offers an emergent and educational curriculum which focuses on: math, science, language, and literacy skills as well as activities that focus on fine motor, gross motor, and self help skills. These activities are all: play based, fun, hands on, and interactive. Join us today!
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