June 1, 2024


We are offering a discount to existing parents for the Weekend Care on June 15!

  • Toddlers & Preschool children $50 for the day – a savings of $25 off the daily rate
  • Typically, it costs twice that for a few hours of childcare – you get the whole day!
  • If you and your significant other wish to head out biking, shopping, complete yard work or just sleep, here is your chance to have our staff care for your child at their 2nd home away from home!



We have a new summer menu coming out this month!



Bring on the warmer weather! Summer is here! This month we will be incorporating water play so make sure to bring your bathing suits and extra clothing. We will be exploring topics like water animals, pets, gross motor activities and more! And we didn’t forget about the dads! We also have some exciting Father’s Day gifts planned



We can’t believe June is here! We are excited for the warmer weather! This month we will be including lots of water play activities. Reminder to pack extra clothing for your child as well as proper footwear. We will also be doing some planting. We will also focus on expanding our knowledge of colours, ABC’s, and numbers! We can’t wait to celebrate all our wonderful Daddies for Father’s Day!



We are ready for June and the warmer weather! It’s also the month we say goodbye to some friends who are moving on to new adventures before starting Kindergarten!

With summer weather now here, we all try to dress to best survive the heat. We kindly ask that you dress your child in sneakers with no laces, or sturdy sandals. We notice children tend to trip more often in flip-flops and backless sandals as they run around the yard.

Please provide a sunhat every day, as well as check your child’s bag for wet clothes and replenish.

Important Dates

 Friday June 21 (rain date Friday June 28th)
Graduation Ceremony 6:00 pm (please drop off your child @ 5:45pm to us at the main TH door, and then parents & siblings proceed to the yard)