March 2019

March 1, 2019

From The Director: On Monday March 18th, please dress your child in green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!
We will be hosting picture day Tuesday April 2nd. Preschool Grad photo’s will be taken as well. If your child does not attend that day, please bring them between 9 and 10 am to get their pictures taken. Please do NOT dress you child in green.
Other special event days to mark on your calendars are: May 10th- Mother’s Day tea party and Fashion show June 14th- Father’s Day camp out June 26th- Preschool Graduation
All these events will be held in the afternoon around 2:30/3:00 pm…More information to come.

Infants: Spring is upon us soon!
This month we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a variety of green activities and art!
We will also be introducing animals, shapes and insects to the little ones in preparation for spring! (Exploration – Creativity – Sensory – Art)

Toddler 1 & 2:Week 1: The theme is space! We will be learning about the earth (Social Studies), we will play planet match (Cognitive) and asteroid toss (Gross Motor).
Week 2: We will talk about the ocean. The children will colour a whale (Art), play with an ocean in a bag (Sensory) and an ocean puzzle (Cognitive).
Week 3: This week’s focus will be books. We will flip through some books (Social Studies/Self Help) we will go on a book hunt (Sensory) and enjoy reading stories outside (Cognitive/Outdoor Play)
Week 4: This week will be about space by pretending to be rockets (Gross Motor/Outdoor Play), playing rocket match (Cognitive) and participating in a fizzing Jupiter experiment (Science).

Preschool 1 & 2: It’s hard to believe that Winter is almost over & Spring is around the corner. We are looking forward to new growth & pretty flowers. We are getting ready to establish our gardens. We will be planting little & big seeds. We will learn what the seeds & plants need in order to grow. The children will explore with dirt & water. The twinkle in the children’s eyes when the little sprouts pop out is exciting. They have created something and will watch it grow and produce something colorful. We will also be exploring nature through Art, Science and Reading. Our science exploring will come to life. We will study seeds by sorting and counting. The children will have a great experience.
The teachers in Preschool have noticed that some children are having a hard time during transitions. So the teachers are working very hard to find new & exciting finger play songs & activities. Songs are loved by the children and helps with the flow of transition and brings relaxation to the classroom.
Finger play, songs & activities help children learn Language, Sounds and increase Vocabulary. They will also gain Large and Gross Motor skills. Memory and Social Skills are also learned by participating in finger play songs & activities. Finger play is simple and fun, but very educational. Ask your children to sing about the little friends “Jack and Jill” and their friends “Two Little Penguins”. Their eyes will light up with joy and the smiles on their faces are priceless.

A word from the cook: As some of you know, I became vegetarian a year ago and I’ve been trying new recipes at home for my family. I would love to start introducing some of these with our Tiny Hopper children this month. Our new menu comes out in a few weeks so you will be able to see some new vegetarian ideas! If you have any questions about the New Food Guide you can come see me anytime in the kitchen or email Kayla. Have a wonderful March!

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