February 2019

February 1, 2019

From the Owners:  On February 1st, we will be welcoming new toddlers to Tiny Hoppers RS with the addition of the new toddler room being opened.  As a result of opening this additional room, you will see a few new supply staff on site, getting to know your children and our systems.  We like to have them spend time in all the classes so that all the children become familiar with them as we are a tight knit little family!  Please welcome            Miss Shyla and Mrs Nancy!

Also just a reminder that we open at 7 am and close at 5:30 pm.  Our parents have been extremely good at respecting these times, and we just wanted to say thank you!!

Our Director: With the new Canada Food Guidelines that were introduced recently, we just wanted to let parents know we are waiting on the Ministry of Education to update us on what changes we are expected to make.   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to talk with Miss Cheryl, our chef.

As well, if you are planning on having your child pass out Valentine’s cards to their friends, please note that we cannot give out the children’s names in the class.  We ask that you just write who the Valentine is from and then they can give them out to each of their classmates.

Infants: We will continue with Sensory this month.  We have noticed that the children love exploring with their senses!  We will have a variety of sensory bags and bottles for the children to explore using their eyes and hands!  We will have a variety of textured boards for the children to explore different kinds of textures through touch.  Last but not least, the children will have an opportunity to explore with their nose through smell.  We will have a variety of common spices (i.e. cinnamon) and other foods!

Toddler 1 &2:Toddler classes will be working together on programming.

Week 1: The theme for this week is “Insects”, we will make finger print ants (Art/Fine Motor). The children     will play lily pad hop (Gross Motor) and bug hunt (Outdoor Play/ Gross Motor).

Week 2: During this week we will be sorting “animals” (Cognitive), we will play animal tape rescue (Fine Motor) with zoo animal movements (Gross Motor).

Week 3: The theme for this week is “food”, we will talk about fruits and vegetables (Cognitive), there will be a lemon volcano experiment (Science & Sensory) and an   ice cream sensory bin (Sensory).

Week 4: The theme this week is “shapes”. The children will colour shapes (Art/Fine Motor), play shape match (Cognitive) and popsicle stick shape match. (Cognitive/Fine Motor)

Preschool 1&2:It is already February and we can truly feel the love in the air.  There is absolutely no better time of the year to tell you all how much we love and value your children.  We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 14th with a little party.  Wear something red and pink!  If you wish to bring in cards, please bring one for EVERY child & please just write who the card is from and we will be delivering them to the children’s little mailboxes.

This month we will be exploring colours, with new science, language and literacy activities.  The ability to identify colours is considered a milestone in a child’s cognitive process.  Recognizing and identifying the names of colours is an important part of a child’s development.  A lot of our art projects will be an open-ended component to give the children lots of choices to explore with different colours.  Along with the crafts, we have many stories and songs about colours.

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