Building Cognitive and Fine Motor Skills


Here at Tiny Hoppers, we work on developing children holistically, targeting different areas of development through various hands-on and interactive activities and learning opportunities. Today’s blog entry features some of our cognitive and fine motor skill-building activities for infants and toddlers.

Fine motor skills are movement and coordination of smaller muscles like fingers, hands, wrists, feet, and toes. These parts of the body are commonly used for using writing tools and scissors and self-care like dressing and eating. Certain activities target the development of fine motor skills and at the same time also hones other cognitive, emotional, and language skills.

All the activities below not only build cognitive and fine motor skills but also help develop self-esteem, language, vocabulary, taking turns and sharing, and encourages imagination and creativity.

Matching flowers (cognitive skill, fine motor)

Shapes Puzzle (cognitive skill, fine motor)

Colour Matching Activity (cognitive, fine motor – pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination)


Colour Sorting Activity (cognitive, fine motor – pincer grasp, scooping, eye-hand coordination)

Water Transfer Using a Dropper (fine motor – pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination)

Artificial Flowers through a Strainer (fine motor – eye-hand coordination)

Pretending to Milk Cows (cognitive, fine motor – pincer grasp)

Outdoor PlayProcess Art – Group Masterpiece