Outdoor Play


Spring has arrived and the sun is shining bright! We have been spending some time outdoors engaged in various activities from pretend play to painting. Here at Tiny Hoppers, we value the importance of outdoor play. It is an essential part of our daily routines. The children get to enjoy fresh air, active play, messy art activities, scientific discoveries, and much more. The outdoor play space offers a variety of learning opportunities in a large and open space.


The children have been exploring shadows. We are trying to make different shapes and forms using our shadow and even tracing the outlines.


We have also explored painting outdoors! When we are painting outside, we are less careful about making a mess. We have more space to move around and to create big masterpieces!


Playing pretend kitchen outside is also much more fun! We can pretend baking cakes and muffins and eating ice cream with sand or snow! We can also pretend planting flowers. We plan to plant real plants and flowers soon! 🙂


Of course tunnel play is also much more fun outside! A lot more space for us to play!

Exploring Paints & IceBuilding Cognitive and Fine Motor Skills