Sensory fun

October 4, 2022

Sensory play is an amazing way to explore our senses through play. Some children prefer to steer clear of sensory activities, while others dive right in. Below you will find different examples of sensory activities that each classroom has done recently.

Our preschool 1 classroom did an amazing sensory walk, in this activity they had four different bins filled with items of different textures; water beads, rice, brown sugar, soap and water and then finally sheets of bubble wrap.

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Our toddler friends loved playing in a shaving cream sensory bin filled with some creepy crawlies, they loved squishing the shaving cream in between their fingers.

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We had another amazing shaving cream activity that was not only a sensory activity, it was also a fine motor activity! The educator hid some jewels/gems within the shaving cream and the children needed to use the tweezers to try and remove them. The children also learned about animals that live/go in the water during this activity.

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Our preschool 2 class has been interested in mermaids, their amazing educator came up with this fantastic tuff tray set up to let them reenact the under world life of Ariel in the little mermaid.

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