AUGUST 2020 Newsletter and Calendar

August 5, 2020

We are excited to announce some new changes within our center!

Our owner, Gillian, has stepped into the role of Director!

Our Preschool educator, Samantha, has stepped into the role of Assistant Director!

Our Preschool educator, Nadia, has stepped into the role of R.E.C.E in Charge!

We also have some fun theme days for August to make the last month of summer fun!  These include:

  • Water Days
  • Baking Day with Miss Nadira (Our Chef)
  • Crazy Hair Day (All classes)
  • Face Paint Day (Toddlers)
  • “Where I’ve Been!” Day (Preschool)
  • Hawaii Day (All classes)
“Get Rid of the Box”: how switching up traditional art concepts provided engagement for our Tiny Tykes!FALL REGISTRATION!!