Spring Cleaning with Kids

April 10, 2017

Are you eager to dive into your home spring cleaning chores but feel like you’re tied down with having to keep an eye on the kids? Well, why not let them join in on the cleaning? Spring cleaning is the perfect activity that the whole family can participate in – even the little ones! With these age-appropriate chores, you’ll have your entire home and garden clean and clear in no time, without the hassle of constantly wondering where the kids are and what they’re up to.

Here are some ideas to consider for your children.

For Ages 2-4

If you have little toddlers that are 2 to 4 years of age, you can get them involved in the spring cleaning fun too! Some simple ways to keep them busy and help out is by having them put away toys and books, water the plants, dust any easy-to-reach surfaces, put away winter footwear, and pick up toys from the yard.

For Ages 5-7

For children aged 5 to 7 years, they can also help out with the previously mentioned chores. In addition, they can also help by tidying their bedroom and organizing it, cleaning up dirty laundry, washing outdoor toys, swapping out winter items for spring items such as clothing, wiping down windows, and pulling weeds from the garden.

For Ages 8-10

When children have reached the age of 8, they can take on many more substantial tasks. You can have them sort and organize through their clothing for the spring and make a pile for donation of what they no longer wear. They can also help out more in the garden by assisting with turning over the garden beds, watering the grass, raking up leaves, and preparing the flower beds.

For Aged 11-13+

If your kids are 11 years of age and up, you can provide them with a much larger list of items to take care of that they can do alongside with you or even independently, depending on the activity. For some ideas for this age range, you can have your child help with minor repairs, such as adjusting their bike and skateboard wheels, they can assist in cleaning out the garage, painting the deck, removing screens for cleaning, and washing the car.

This spring, why not make life a bit easier by getting the kids involved with the spring cleaning? Whether you have little ones or pre-teens, you can use these age-appropriate tasks as a guide to get started on your family spring cleaning.

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