March Break Activities for the Family

March 7, 2016

In the province of Ontario, March Break runs from March 14-18 this year. If you want your kids to do something other than lounge on the couch eating Bear Paws and playing Clash of Clans – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These ideas should help keep you and your kids and occupied and entertained until school returns. But remember, whatever you decide to do the most important part is that you have fun and enjoy family bonding time!

Family Gardening

Now that winter will be gone and gardening season will be back, why not get your children involved this year? The tasks will depend on the age of your children, of course. Younger children can help dig holes, water plants, or pick out seeds at the garden store. Older children can even be given their own plants to maintain. Delegate responsibility to your children at an age-appropriate level. Let your lawn be an empty canvas for them to paint. Let them pick out what goes where and take full responsibility for it. Once the plants begin to bloom, you and your children can cook together, making salads with tomatoes and cucumbers fresh from the garden, garnishing meatballs with homegrown parsley, and so on.

Redecorate and Spring Cleaning

I know this one sounds like a big snooze but wait, let me finish. You could make a game out of it or let them earn their pocket money from cleaning. If your kids are growing older and they still have baby elephants stenciled on the wall, why don’t you shop for a new more “grown-up” paint colour together and take on the work as a family? If your kids have outgrown some of their toys and clothes, why not organize them and donate them to the Salvation Army or help Syrian refugees in your community?

Get out!

The point of spring is to feel something other than cold. So go out, splish splash, and watch the world spring back to life. If it’s still winter weather in your city, why not get in one last toboggan ride? If spring has fully set in, why not break out the bikes and get some fresh air?

It’s Spring Break- take a break from daily schedule

Do something out of schedule and celebrate every day. Take the family out to dinner, or, just bake cookies at home and watch a movie with the whole family. Or host a pajama party in the house! There is nothing I love more than dancing with the kids in my PJs. Let the kids come up with ideas so that they will feel more involved and up to it.

There are many more ways you could bond with your kids over March break. Take up a hobby for the whole family and make this a memorable one! If you have to work, Tiny Hoppers Early Learning Centres will keep your children entertained and occupied until school returns with our March Break camps.


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