How to Prepare your Child for a New Sibling

May 25, 2015

The joy you are feeling about a new addition to the family can sometimes be a little intimidating to your child. You want to prepare them for a new sibling so they create a strong bond and love with them from the day they arrive. Here are some tips to help:

While you are Pregnant

Start when you are pregnant by encouraging interest in the arrival of a sibling. It will depend on the age of your child, of course. You can let them know there is a baby in your belly and then use their questions as cues to how much info they want. You can also use your own comfort level as to the detail you want to offer. You can also:

  • Look at their baby pictures together
  • Read books about childbirth designed for young children
  • Introduce your child to some newborns you might know through Ottawa daycares, family or friends
  • Have them help with planning the nursery
  • Have them pick out clothes for the baby
  • Have them help pack a bag for the hospital
  • Choose names as a family
  • Have them come to the doctor’s office to hear the heartbeat or see the ultrasound pictures

Plan for the Hospital

Prepare for the hospital and let your child know you will be staying over once the baby is born. Involve them in the plans and explain the day (if having a c-section) or around the date this might happen. Have them visit you once the baby is born so they can see you and the new baby right away if possible.

Plan for Home

When bringing the baby home you know things will get hectic. It is really important to look at special things such as a birthday that might be imminent for your child or even milestones such as potty training that could be affected by the new baby’s arrival. Whenever possible, take care of your child’s needs and plan for things now so you don’t overlook them once the baby is home.

Other Considerations

Consider things such as letting them know you will be home and that maybe they can spend some days with you and others at their Ottawa daycare centre. This will help them feel less jealous the new baby is getting all of your attention.

Follow these tips, and the whole family can enjoy the beauty of adding a new child to the household.


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