How Daycare Can Help Your Child Grow

December 12, 2016

Daycare may not be for everyone, but for those who choose to send their children to a daycare facility, here are just a few ways that daycare can help your children to grow.


Learn Social Skills

Some children have a harder time than others developing social skills. Kids need to be socialized with other kids their own age to learn important skills such as sharing. By spending time with similarly aged children kids are able to increase vocabulary, learn patience, learn how to listen, and learn to how to express themselves.  


Prepare for a School Setting

Daycare is similar to a school setting. Children who attend daycare will be familiar with the drop-off process of leaving mom and dad every day and being reunited with them at the end of the day.  Daycare is also similar to school in that the children will be expected to listen to a teacher and participate in different learning subjects. Daycare is the perfect prequel to school.


Lower Separation Anxiety

Some children have a more difficult time than others with leaving their parents. This is a normal transition stage in life and daycare can help ease this process. If the daycare is a fun and inviting environment where the child wants to be, it will ease the separation anxiety and eventually minimize overtime. This is a comfort for both parent and child, because the anxiety is felt by the parents at times too!


Build Up Immunities

When you have a child you have your very own Petri dish for germs and sicknesses that they seem to contract nonstop. Children need to be exposed to germs in order to build up their immune systems so they can fight illness off naturally. Yes, sending your child to daycare might result in a few runny noses, but it’s all part of growing up and giving your immune system the fuel it needs!


Learn New Things

Daycare is a fantastic place for children to learn. Children are blank slates just waiting to be filled and the education received from daycare will help them on their knowledge journey. Between arts and crafts and exploratory learning, children will astound you with how fast they learn new things.

Daycare is more than just child minding so the parents can go to work. It’s a community and a family of caring staff and children whom all grow learn and love together. Children will learn so many things while attending day care and will gain life skills and social skills that will help them in their future studies at school. Tiny Hoppers is a growing leader in daycare and early learning centres, located all across Ontario. Find a location near you!

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