Get Your Toddler Active!

July 17, 2018

Even though most toddlers don’t sit still, it doesn’t mean they’re getting as much exercise and movement as they should be. Keeping active helps them improve their motor skills while letting them burn off some of that excess energy so you both can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Get your toddler active this summer with some of these simple activities.

Head to the Splash Pad

There’s no better way to stay cool and enjoy the summertime than by cooling off with your little one at your local splash pad. This is also an excellent way to get your toddler active since they’ll be splashing and kicking away, working those muscles to improve their gross motor abilities.

Fun at the Park

Playing at the park is one of the best ways to let your child run around, dig through the sandbox, roll around on the grass, and learn how to interact and play with other kids. So if you’ve been taking your toddler to the park and wondering if it’s enough to keep them active, it most certainly is! Keep it up!

Have a Dance Off

On days that are too hot or stormy to head out, there are plenty of ways to still have fun and stay active too. And a dance-off is something that everyone can enjoy and benefit from! Crank up your favourite tunes, clear off some floor space and show your toddler how to shake and move. The best part is you’ll be getting in some light exercise without even noticing. This is a fun and simple way to get your bum off the couch during those “indoor” days.

Go to the Playground

If there’s a playground nearby with a variety of jungle gym (and toddler-appropriate) equipment, grab a coffee and head there for an afternoon of fun. You can watch your child run around with the other kids, learn how to climb, swing, and use their imagination. This is especially handy if you need a little break from running around.

Use Your Backyard More Often

Even if you don’t have a whole lot of space in your backyard, it can still be a great place to enjoy a little fresh air, while giving your toddler some room to kick a ball around or just be silly. You can set up a sprinkler, get some bubbles or set up some games on the grass to play together outside.

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