Does My Child Benefit From Doing Chores?

June 14, 2019

Parents have very different opinions on whether chores are important for their children. Chores do offer important life skills at a young age, but they can be disadvantageous for their kids’ playing time. Today, let’s explore all the advantages and disadvantages of doing chores.

Yes, Chores Are Awesome

Chores are a part of life and understanding that your kids won’t be kids forever is a sad reality. Teaching them valuable life-skills should be a part of your everyday life! Having regular chores teaches children to have a sense of responsibility and to take pride in their work. There is no ‘I” in team, and in this case, your family is your team, so working together to accomplish a task makes it easier and more enjoyable. It can also improve valuable skills such as time management skills, respect, and having a strong work ethic, which are all skills that future employees look for in a candidate.

No, My Kids Shouldn’t Do Chores

However, debates have arisen about chores not being beneficial for kids. Many parents want their ‘kids to be kids’ for as long as possible. Many factors in the 21st century accelerate children’s development into the adult world. Figuring out where they stand in this world can be a chore itself. Some chore systems require a reward to be effective. Some parents raise the argument that hard work does not always come with a financial reward but having the satisfaction of completing the given task is enough. Skills can be taught in other ways other through schoolwork, extracurricular activities, volunteer, job experience rather than chores.

All these arguments are valid and raise good points, but at the end of the day, it solely depends on your parenting style. Finding a balance that you believe is the most fitting for your family is what will work best.  

How Can I Get Started?

If you are pro-chores, implement a chore system; this is a fun and effective way to complete tasks.  Allocating tasks can be difficult, but using a chore chart is one of the unique and creative ways to ensure that everyone pitches in! Rewarding your children with an allowance for each individual task completed is a plausible reinforcement tactic and a set consequence (no allowance), which will also teach them the value of money.

If you do not believe that kids should complete chores, there are a handful of other viable options to explore and to build their life skills such as extracurricular activities and sports.

It is important to define your objectives and what methods will work best for your family. Chores or not, your child will still have time to be a kid! At Tiny Hoppers, we offer a safe, fun and engaging environment for kids. Learn more about our programs today and find the location nearest you.

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