What Do We Define as a “Tiny Hopper?”

June 20, 2018

Are you looking for a daycare facility that is suitable for your little munchkin? Whether your little one loves to explore, create, or use their imagination, our daycare could be just what you’re looking for. At Tiny Hoppers, we offer an exciting world of education and play. To find out if our daycare is a good fit for your child, check out what we define as our little “Tiny Hoppers” below.

Doctor Hoppers

It’s not uncommon to see our tiny hoppers playing doctor. Kids just love playing with the toy stethoscopes and helping other children. It can be a real treat to see our hoppers interacting with each other, building their social skills, and showing the care and kindness that can foster wonderful adults.

Buddy Builders

Our Tiny Hoppers also love building. You’ll find children of all ages and sizes developing their fine motor skills without even knowing it.

Wonder Women

Here, your girls are empowered. Every day they learn new skills to build their confidence levels to help them become our leaders of tomorrow.

Book Worms

Tiny hoppers can’t get their little noses out of our wide selection of books. They love to look at the pictures and listen to stories. Here we help to nurture their curiosity and build the skills they need to reach ahead of their class as soon as they start school.

Leap Frogs

Our little frogs are leaping miles into the future. You’ll find tiny hoppers here discovering how the world works with our “science lab.” Tiny hoppers love to expand their minds and use their imagination to create and solve problems.

Creative Munchkins

If your kids love playing with colouring books, paints, and drawing, they will fit right in. We define our tiny hoppers as creative, innovative, and crafty!

Energizer Bunnies

If one thing is for sure, hoppers love run around. Each and every day they get a healthy dose of dancing and exercise. At our locations, we have an extensive collection of gross motor equipment for the kids to use, from climbers, tunnels, hula hoops, rhythm wands and so much more!

At Tiny Hopper daycare, you’ll find all types of wonderful little minds here. So if you’re looking for a dynamic daycare environment that will teach your child the skills they need for the future while having fun with friendly and professional staff, come visit us at Tiny Hoppers to see if we’re a good fit for your child!

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