7 Snow Day Activities

January 16, 2018

Snow days can be exciting for both parents and kids. It’s a nice day off that you can spend playing and crafting indoors or having a little outdoor fun around the home. If you’ve been blessed with a day off, here are 7 fun snow day activities you can partake in to take advantage of this time off work with your kids!

Fort Building

Forts are always a fun activity for both kids and adults. You can build one inside using the cushions from your couch, along with some blankets, or head out to the backyard and dig into all that snow to try and craft one, igloo-style!

Watch Movies

There’s no better time to snuggle up under a blanket in your favourite pyjamas than on a snow day. Grab some of your favourite family movies, make some hot chocolate, and settle in for a nice relaxing day with the kids.

Bake Cookies

When you’re looking for a fun indoor snow day activity that will keep your kids entertained, baking cookies is the perfect way to keep them busy. Gingerbread and sugar cookies are easy to make and fun to decorate together. Baking is also a mutually beneficial activity – it’s a great way teach your kids a valuable skill while making your house smell absolutely delicious at the same time.

Build A Snowman

Once the kids become a little restless from being indoors, it’s time to head outside in the snow for a snowman building contest. This winter classic can provide hours of entertainment (and a little exercise) for the whole family when there’s a snow day.

Go Tobogganing

With all of that fresh snow, tobogganing with the kids is always a must. Bundle up, grab your sled, get the kids to hop on and take a walk to your nearest hills to embrace the snowy weather.

Play Board Games

If the weather is too hectic outside or you’ve grown tired for movie marathons, you can entertain the kids with some board games. Games are a fun way to pass the time when the weather outside is too frightful to enjoy.

Make Snowflakes

There’s no denying that the unique designs of hand-made snowflakes are beautiful. This favourite holiday past time is a fantastic way to enjoy some creative time together on a snow day. Your kids will love experimenting with paper to create infinite variations of their own masterpieces. And you can get a kick out of watching their faces light up when their works of art are put up on display for everyone to see.

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